How to Add Custom Fields to Invoices and Reports in QuickBooks

I work for a small auto repair shop. I use QuickBooks 2009. When I enter invoices, I include the model and year of the automobile. How can I create a report that shows only the customer and his auto information?
First, create a custom field for auto info:

1. Go to Customer Center and double-click on any customer.
2. Select the Additional Info tab and Define Fields
3. Enter the auto information for all your customers

You can also add the custom field to your invoices:

1. Go to Customers -> Create Invoices
2. Click on Customize button
3. Select Additional Customization
4. Click on the two boxes next to your custom field (should be toward the bottom of the list)

You can also use the custom field to customize reports:

1. Select one of the List reports (Customer Phone List is a good one)
2. Click on Modify Report
3. In the Display box, remove phone and add customer type 

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9 Responses to How to Add Custom Fields to Invoices and Reports in QuickBooks

  • If you use the above method, the information is the linked to the specific client. For example, if you created a second invoice for the client, and needed the data to change, it would then change that data in the customer’s profile. Which is good for one of my purposes, however I have a second I was hoping someone could help me out with:

    I want a custom field linked to an invoice, not the customer. (Specifically, I need a date of generation of invoice, which is not the date of the invoice in QB.) I went to customize the invoice template and used the “Other” box under Header section and labeled it Date Generated. However, I cannot then go to the AR Aging report and customize this report to show the Date Generated (i.e. Other) information. Where can I add a field that would retain it’s information for the individual invoices but still show up on columns under AR Aging Detail report?


  • We have just started using QB Pro 2013. I know how to add custom fields to use on Invoices, ect,. What I haven’t been able to figure out how to enlarge those fields to put more information in them.

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    • Hi Melanie,

      When you’re on the Basic Customization screen, select the Layout Designer button. Then drag the column lines to the right or left to make the columns bigger or smaller.

      • Not column items but header items. I can drag & make the box bigger on the form itself, but not on the actual invoice entry section. I hope I am describing this correctly.

  • I would like to create a custom report for a specific period of time that will show me how clients found me.
    I have created several custom fields for various sources like internet, networking, yellow pages.
    It would be a nice extra bonus is I could also have in the report their total sales for that time period.

    I cannot figure out how to get a report on this information.
    thanks, Jeanette

    • Hi Jeanette,

      You’ll have to add the custom fields to your sales transactions. Once you do, you can filter you sales reports for the custom field.

      If you aren’t using Customer Type for something else, you might want to use that instead because you don’t have to add it to your sales transactions.

      You can also filter a Profit & Loss report by either a custom field or customer type, which might also be very useful.