How to Enter Credit Card Charges in QuickBooks

I need to know how to enter CC into QuickBooks. I really need some help!
You should enter your credit card charges individually in Banking -> Enter Credit Card Charges.  When you get your monthly statement, you should reconcile your credit card account in Banking -> Reconcile.  Once you finish reconciling your credit card account, a box will popup asking if you’d like to enter a bill for the payment.  Select yes, enter the date it’s due and the amount you intend to pay, and you’re all set.  Make your payment in Vendors -> Pay Bills where you can also change the amount you intend to pay if necessary.

The important thing to remember is, if you don’t enter a bill for your payment after reconciling, and enter it later, you must enter your credit card account.  The Account field defaults to the top of the expenses, but all your accounts are listed in the drop-down menu, so just go up until you find your credit card account.  You do not want to enter an expense account here, because the expense was already entered in the Enter Credit Card Charges screen.  You also won’t reduce the balance owed to your credit card, if you don’t use the credit card account here.

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8 Responses to How to Enter Credit Card Charges in QuickBooks

  • Hello ,
    I do reconcile my credit card , I had a refund from credit card company how should I enter that in QuickBooks.

    • Hi Aryana,

      If the refund was from your credit card company and deposited into your bank account, use your credit card account as the From Account on the Make Deposit screen.

      If you received a refund from a charge and there’s a credit on your credit card statement, select the Refund/Credit radio button on the Enter Credit Card Charge screen.


  • I have several credit card accounts that are closed, but still have balances. I’ve been slowly paying them off and under the account for job materials. I need to create a budget for the remainder of the year and want to compare my true “job materials” expense to the same for last year. I heard something about putting credit card payments into a liability account. Can someone give me some guidance?

    • Hi Paul,

      The job materials expense is tracked when you enter the credit card charge, not when you pay off the credit card. Cash flow is impacted by the credit card payment, but that’s it.

      Unfortunately, you need to use the credit card account as the Expense account when you make your credit card payment (which coincidentally is a liability account). If you change this to some other liability account, you no longer reduce the credit card balance by the amount paid.


  • Hi Nat,

    There are several ways to get a list of transactions – you can pull a quick report from the chart of accounts or you can click on the dollar amount on the balance sheet to get a list of the transactions – but since you’re pulling this report every week I recommend creating a custom report and memorizing it.

    1. Go to Reports > Custom Reports > Transaction Detail
    2. Select Customize Report
    3. Change the Dates to Last Week
    4. Select the Filters tab, select Account, then select your credit card account
    5. Select Memorize


  • I would like to run a report each week with a list of all transactions I entered into credit card account. How do I do this

  • I usually make a few hundred dollars payment towards my credit card every week so I don’t have a huge bill at the end of the month. Can you please tell me how I should post that in Quickbooks? I make payment online with my checking account and I don’t write out a check..

    • HI Peter,

      You can write a check with your credit card account as the expense account and just remove the check number. Personally, I prefer doing a bank transfer (Banking > Transfer Funds).

      Also, if you use online banking it’s often downloaded as a journal entry. That’s my least favorite option because I recommend avoiding journal entries as much as possible, but online banking sure is handy so I put up with it!