How to Print a Report Showing Paid/Unpaid Invoices in QuickBooks

I have been using QuickBooks for a while, for our organization – mainly to create and pay invoices. I would like to print a report that would indicate which invoices are “paid” and which ones are unpaid. I found a couple of reports that might work, but I’m not sure…As you can tell, I’m not used to doing reports on QuickBooks yet, and need a little assistance. Thank you.
I recommend exploring the reports under Customers & Receivables.  The Customer Balance report is probably closest to what you’re looking for.  The Open Balance Report is also a really good one, it shows you a snapshot of all unpaid invoices.

If these don’t show you exactly what you’re looking for, you can modify them by clicking Modify Report.  On the Display tab, you can add and remove the fields you’d like to see in the report.  On the Filters tab, you can select filter what information you want on the report.  For instance, one of the filters is paid status.  Lastly, at the top of most reports are one or two boxes–Total By and Sort by.  You can also play around with these to get the report to look the way you want.

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6 Responses to How to Print a Report Showing Paid/Unpaid Invoices in QuickBooks

  • Is there an existing report that shows what invoices have been selected to pay but check has not been printed?
    Status = To Print/Bill Pmt

    • Hi Fran,

      You can create a custom transaction detail report and filter it for TransactionType = Bill Payment (you might also want to add Check, Sales Tax Payment, Paycheck, and/or Payroll Liability Check) and Printed Status = To be printed, but it’s probably easier to just go to File > Print Forms > Checks.

  • I run a report that I call the Monthly Paid Invoice Report for vendors that are paid for the month. In the report, all of the companies that have ever been paid are showing up on the report, even though I have not paid them anything in a long time. How do I get only the bills paid for that month to show on the report?

    • Hi Brenda,

      You probably only need to change the dates on the report. If that doesn’t do it, you’ll need to tell me which report you’re using and how you customized it before I can help.


      • Ruth, Please help I have a report I pull to pay my reps but the paid date does not pull through, how can I show when a customer invoice is paid to pull a commission report?

        • Hi Angel,

          Here are the steps to get an invoice payments by rep report:

          • Start with a custom transaction detail report (Reports > Custom Reports > Transaction Detail)
          • Select Customize Report
          • Change Total by to Rep
          • Uncheck Debit and Balance in the Columns box
          • Select the Filters tab, select Transaction Type, and select Payment
          • If you also use sales receipts, select Multiple Transaction Types and select Payment and Sales Receipt
          • Select Account and select Income and other Income Accounts