How to Handle a Maxed Out Item List in QuickBooks

By making an item inactive, will this remove it from the item count? I have maxed out my item list with Premier and do not want to convert back up to Enterprise, because the cost is so significant. We have at least 5 years of inventory in QuickBooks that can be downsized, and a number of items that were entered incorrectly, under the items list that I can’t get rid of. I just had our system converted from Enterprise 6.0 to Premier 9.0 and the only issue I am having is the item list.  What can you suggest for me????  Thanks!
Unfortunately, making an item inactive doesn’t reduce the number of items accounting toward the 14,500 maximum in Premier.  Your best long-term solution is Enterprise, but there are a few other things you can try. 

  1. This will probably be really time-consuming, but you can cleanup your items by deleting and/or merging your items. To delete, just right-click on the item and select delete item (this is only available if the item has never been used). To merge, change the name of one item to the same exact name as another.
  2. You could start a new file, with only the items you’re currently using.
  3. You might also want to consider using POS, which has an unlimited number of items and is less expensive than Enterprise. Just make sure to set the preferences to send information to QuickBooks in summary, instead of detail.

We are Intuit Solutions Providers, so we can get you the best prices on either Enterprise or POS, if that’s something you’d like to explore further.

Thank you for your quick response.  What do you mean by starting a new file?  Do you mean start a whole new company? Where do I find more information on the POS you mentioned?
You can have more than one file for a company, you just have to give the files different names. You can easily export/import your lists (customers, vendors, items, etc.) once they’re cleaned up. Transactions are more difficult, though not impossible, so it’s usually best to do this at the beginning of your fiscal year.
You can get a brief overview of QuickBooks POS program on our website. I can also send you a free 30-day trial if you would like to play around with it.


What is the best way to transfer data to the new company?
You can export/import any of your lists at File > Utilities

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