How to Automate Recurring Invoices in QuickBooks

There are many businesses that send invoices to their customers on a recurring basis—weekly, monthly, quarterly and/or annually. Very few, however, know how to automate recurring invoices in QuickBooks, which can save an enormous amount of time. With a little bit of upfront work and ongoing maintenance, you can send out recurring invoices with just a few clicks.

Create a Memorized Transaction Group 

  1. Go to Lists > Memorized Transaction List
  2. Click on the Memorized Transaction button, and select New Group
  3. Name the group, select Automatically Enter, How Often and Next Date. For instance, if you are setting up monthly invoices, name it Monthly Invoices, select Monthly, and the date the next set of monthly invoices should go out. If you are setting up annual invoices for the month of June, name it June Invoices, select Annually, and the date the next June invoices should go out

Memorize your recurring invoices

  1. Open each invoice you want to automatically process on a recurring basis, make sure To be printed and/or To be e-mailed is checked
  2. Go to Edit > Memorize Invoice, select With Transactions in Group, and select the group you created above
  3. Make sure to close the invoice without recording it

Edit the memorized invoices for any changes that occur

  1. Go to Lists > Memorized Transaction List
  2. Double-click on the invoice you want to modify
  3. Make your changes
  4. Go to Edit > Memorize Invoice
  5. Choose Replace in the popup box
  6. Close the invoice without recording it

On or after the date the invoices are automatically entered, print out the invoices

  1. Go to File > Print Forms > Invoices, click Select All and then OK
  2. Go to File >Send Forms, click Select All and then Send Forms

Even better, if you use QuickBooks Merchant Services & Billing Solutions, you can completely automate your invoicing from generation to payment by selecting To be e-mailed or To be mailed through QuickBooks, and Allow online payment before memorizing the invoice.

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39 Responses to How to Automate Recurring Invoices in QuickBooks

  • Hello,

    I have invoices in my “to be printed” that are old and I do not wish to print them. I would like to utilize this feature more by automating my memorized transactions. But I would like to delete the 208 invoices waiting to be printed (but I don’t want to waste the paper and ink)

    Thank you

  • i have a service business and need something to remind me of my customers annual service date (easch customer has a seperate date ) and allow me to print and mail them reminders so they can schedule appointments.
    is there such a software?

  • Was wondering about batch billing. I have a landscape company where we mow about 25 lawns a day. Each customer has a different price point as a small property takes less time than a large one. Could I bill based on the service provided in batch form with different price points? In this case lawn maintenance would be the same service, but each customer has their individual price. Each property is visited on a weekly basis.

    • Hi Joe,

      Unfortunately, batch invoicing requires that all the details be exactly the same for a group of customers. You can memorize each invoice, though, and set them to automatically post each week.

  • I run a weekly newspaper. Is there a way to post the advertising billing on a weekly basis but have the invoices created at the end of the month? The billing for each week is not always the same.

    • Hi Nicki,

      If you want to book the revenue on a weekly basis, creating invoices are your best bet. You can wait to send them untl the end of the month or send a statement, which lists all the unpaid invoices, instead.

  • My landscape company visits houses every 6 weeks. Is this possible to set up on recurring invoice?

    • Hi Ryan,

      Unfortunately, every 6 weeks is not one of the options for automatically creating recurring invoices. You can create a memorized transaction group which will allow you to manually process them all at once every 6 weeks, or you can try batch invoicing (Customers > Create Batch Invoices).

  • I want to use monthly recurring invoice. I use flat rate late fee’s.. say $15. Late fees are incurred if payment is not received within 5 days.

    I have a couple of questions:

    1. If the initial monthly recurring invoice is not paid with the grace period can QuickBooks automatically add the late fee and update the invoice?

    2. Let’s say in the above scenarios that the customer does not pay within 30 days… is there a way to add the previous months invoice & late fee to the next recurring invoice automatically?


    • Hi David,

      First, you need to set your financial charge preferences (Edit > Preferences > Finance Charges > Company Preferences). Then, you go to Customers > Assess Finance Charges when you’re ready to actually assess the fees.