How to Print Reports on a Single Page in QuickBooks

I want to thank you again all your help solving those equity entry issues.  Quick question – does QuickBooks have the ability to create a custom or pseudo P&L report for 1 client meaning if we show a client’s revenue in an income account and their expenses in expense accounts, is it possible to have QuickBooks display them on the same page? They don’t necessary have to subtract to get a P or L but if they show on 1 page that could be very helpful. Right now I have to print 2 pages. I guess some sort of linkage? Ie. Client X:   40061 (Income Account) Client X:  60065 (Expenses).  Thanks very much.
It sounds like your chart of accounts is too long.  The long-term solution is to merge accounts and use classes and jobs to get custom P&L reports.  But here are two other tips:

1.    Click on the Collapse button at the top of the report.  You won’t get all the detail, but you’ll get a summary based on your main accounts (no sub-accounts).  Once you click it, the button changes to Expand which you can click again if you want to see all the detail.

2.    If this doesn’t get you what you’re looking for, you can also export the report to Excel (click the Export button), which has better print settings.  From Excel, you can choose to select Scaling to 1 page wide and 1 page tall to fit everything on one page (in Page Setup).

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2 Responses to How to Print Reports on a Single Page in QuickBooks

  • Is there a way to print the activity from just one account. When I filter out the account and print all the other accounts show up with Zero balances on the report.

    • Hi Richard,

      You can click on an amount on any report to drill-down to the transactions. You can also get a quick report of account activity by going to Lists > Chart of Accounts, right-clicking on the account, and select QuickReport (at the bottom of the list).