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How to Change Vendor Discount Account in QuickBooks

When you receive a discount from a vendor for paying early, and it was posted to the wrong chart of accounts, how can you change the account after it is already reconciled in the bank? Thanks.
Luckily, changing the account used for a vendor discount doesn’t affect the reconciliation status of the check. All you need to do is open the check and click the little Discount button at the bottom. It’ll bring up a popup window with the amount of the discount and the account originally used. Just change the account, click OK and then Save & Close.

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Ruth Perryman - QuickBooks Specialist Written by +Ruth Perryman

Ruth is the an Intuit Premier Reseller that offers great deals on QuickBooks POS and QuickBooks Enterprise. She has provided expert QuickBooks help to thousands of businesses all over the world since 1996.

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