News Flash – QuickBooks Point of Sale 10.0 R7 Update Released

Yippee!  The R7 update was just released for QuickBooks Point of Sale v10.  I haven't had a chance to play around with it yet, but I can confirm that Search is now working.  Here are the other changes and improvements.  You can download in-product by going to Help > Software Updates > Check for Updates or download it manually at:

Release (R7)

  • Items such as Gift Cards, Gift Certificates and Redeemed Rewards now show in the Customer history.
  • Status (open, closed, pending, etc.) for Customer Orders now visible in the Customer History.
  • Receipt totals in customer history will now show two decimal places on whole dollar amounts.
  • Fixed an issue where the history for customer would display incorrectly after using the Search function on the Home Page.
General Functionality
  • Fixed an issue where newly entered data does not show up in lists after running a Data Cleanup.
  • Enhanced the ability to exit POS from the File Menu after cancelling the login screen during startup.
  • Improved Quick Find functionality after updates are installed.
Import/Export Data
  • Now able to open Excel attachments that have been emailed without the "file is corrupt" message.
  • Added the ability to apply a custom filter with saving the filter by first using a unique name.
  • Corrected display issues when using Unit of Measure where the base regular price would show incorrectly.
  • Expanded the date field on the edit item window to show the full date and year.
Multi-Store Functionality
  • Fixed an issue where a newly created customer does not show up in the receipt after completing a mailbag exchange when using the Intuit Service method of file transfer.
  • Fixed an issue when setting up Desktop mailbag exchange – Error 175400. The email address is not valid.
Purchase Orders
  • Fixed an issue where creating new styles from within a document results in the previous item style's information being pulled into the new item style.
  • Fixed an issue where a Purchase Order opens blank from the Purchase Order list after it has been created
  • Enhanced the way discount percentage and original price display when giving a line item discount.
  • Fixed an issue where the Account dialog window does not close and the amount does not update properly when accepting tips on an account payment.
  • Give Discount amount now properly applied when using the pressing Enter on the keyboard.
  • Improved Bar Code Scanning functionality when used in conjunction with large data files.
  • Tip amount for sales transactions now shows in the sale history.
  • Fixed an issue causing the MasterCard number to improperly display after payment approval.
  • Added a new field for discount amount to the qty/price dialog on receipts.
  • Added Num Pad functionality for entering tips when Touchscreen features are enabled.
  • Improved the way newly selected columns display in lists.
  • Improved keyboard functionality by allowing the ESC key to escape out of vouchers and receipts.
  • Improved ability to add new customers from the receipt window by auto-filling the name typed before selecting "add new".
  • The history for credit card payments now shows the Auth # and Ref #.
  • Selecting a receipt from customer history that is older than 30 days no longer fails.
Receiving Vouchers
  • The F6 keyboard shortcut now works in Vouchers.
  • Added the ability to change a voucher data from the I Want To menu.
  • Enhanced performance in load time when changing the Dashboard report to a default other than Total Sales.
  • Fixed the issue which caused the Vendor Custom fields to not display properly or not display at all. 

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2 Responses to News Flash – QuickBooks Point of Sale 10.0 R7 Update Released

  • Hello Ruth! I cannot calculate order cost ( order cost is lower than $1.00) with multiple unit of measurement. I use POS v9.
    Example: 1 unit cost $0.50 and 12 units should cost $6 but it show $7.60
    please help me to find the solution on this.

    • Hi Jovita,

      QuickBooks POS can handle unit order costs that are less than $1 so that’s not the problem.

      Make sure the Order Cost per each is correct ($0.50). This is different from the Average Cost field, which you should never adjust in the item record. You can also set a cost for the 12 unit case by selecting Manage Units of Measure and enter the 12 unit case in “The unit I normally order by” field.