How to Download Old Versions of QuickBooks

I have my license and product number but somehow I lost my Cd and I want to download QuickBooks Pro 2008 into another computer. How can I do that? Please advise. Thank you.
We have many QuickBooks downloads on our Download QuickBooks page. You will need your license and product number to install them, though. If you have QuickBooks running on another computer, you can get get them by pressing F2 or by going to Help > About QuickBooks.

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Ruth Perryman - QuickBooks Specialist Written by +Ruth Perryman

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23 Responses to How to Download Old Versions of QuickBooks

  • Hello,
    I do my friend’s accounting for her and all she has is QB Simple Start 2008! I reconciled for her for April 2013 and the software froze, a computer tech was called and fixed the problem, but I was never able to print her reconciliation. I don’t think this “print the last reconciliation” feature is included in this software which is quite frustrating! Do you know if this is a true statement? I can’t find the option anywhere. Also, since her needs are quite simple, can I lead her to buying an updated version of QB, but not necessarily QB Pro? Would there be any problems going from this simple software to a more robust one? Do you sell the software?

    Thank you in advance……Georgette

    • Simple Start is very basic software, it doesn’t do much so it’s unlikely it has a print the last reconciliation feature.

      Unfortunately, Intuit stopped offering Simple Start a few years ago and QuickBooks Pro is the least expensive version of QuickBooks now.

  • Hi,
    I have a 2003 QB pro that I never used. Now I want to install it but it’s not compatible with windows 7. How can I update? I do not want to purchase another one.


    • Hi Shirley,

      The Professional version of Windows 7 has a feature called Windows XP mode which allows you to run older programs.

      Here’s more info:

      However, I’d never consider trusting 10 year old software that hasn’t been supported (or updated) in 7 years, for something as important as my accounting. We sell QuickBooks Pro 2013 for $179.95, which is a small price to pay for the security of knowing your software isn’t going to crash and destroy your file.

  • Hi Ruth. I am helping my parents update their QuickBooks Pro 2006 software to the newest version of QuickBooks. Do I need to take the file from 2006 to 2008 or 2009 before bringing it into the 2013 software? I have heard that there may be issues in the data file when you try to jump over that many software versions.

    Thanks for your time, Brett

    • Hi Brett,

      It’s the pre-2006 versions that usually need to upgrade to 2006 first. But to ensure the best upgrade experience, make sure to backup your 2006 file with a full verify and run a rebuild if necessary.

  • Hi Ruth,

    I’m trying to upgrade from 2002 Pro and I believe I need to jump to 2006 and then to 2013. But I am in SA and I believe we use the UK version. Is this a separate program completely, or can I use the 2006 install on your site to do the conversion?

    Thanks, Charles.

    • Hi Charles,

      They’re different products, and unfortunately you can’t open a UK file in the US version. Even if you could, you’d need a 2006 license to install it.

      I’d try QuickBooks UK support:

      You might try upgrading direct to QuickBooks 2013 first. You don’t always need to upgrade to QuickBooks 2006 first.


  • Will anyone be getting back to me?

    • Wow. You do realize you only asked your question a few hours ago.

      If you want free advice, you’re going to have to wait until I have the time to answer. I was almost tempted not to answer at all.

  • I needed to have my iBookG4 system reinstalled. When this was done, my QuickBooks Edition 6 for the MAC thought it was nw again and wanted the registartion # after the 25th use. I have been using this Quickbooks along with MACOSX Version 10.4.11 for many years now. I no longer have the registration #. i do not know how to get this number off my other IMAC that is still running the same program. i am a small company, and for many reasons (mostly compatibility issues,) I cannot upgrade. Intuit has told me that there is not an upgrade for 10.4.11 anyway. I am stuck. can you help me? Lori Ricci

    • Hi Lori,

      Try pressing fn key and F2 at the same time.

      If that doesn’t work, try the Help Menu. Usually there’s a link that says something like “About QuickBooks”.

      Worse comes to worse, try Intuit’s license lookup.

  • Hi Ruth.

    Thanks for the reply. is this using utilities in Quickbooks 2008 or MS Office Accounting 2009

    Many Thanks

  • I have Quickbooks 2008 Pro and also Microsoft Office Acounting 2009, is there a way to transfer the data from MS Office Accounting 2009 to Quickbooks 2008 Pro.

    Many Thanks

  • how do i convert my cmpnay data in quickbooks uk version to usa version

    • Hi Stephen,

      There’s no direct way to do a conversion between the UK and US versions of QuickBooks, but Karl Irvin’s Data Transfer Utility works with the UK versions.

      Just be careful to follow the instructions carefully, otherwise you’re likely to become extremely frustrated.


  • looking for older edition of Quickbooks for church use we have 2006 but does not support WIn7 I have herd 2008 or 2009 will,