How to Remove a Sales Tax Payment from the Sales Tax Register in QuickBooks

Hi Ruth. I have been in the process of converting a company to QuickBooks from a hand written general ledger. Most of the challenges have been solved except sales tax. Knowing what I know now I would have started the sales tax liability register with a nil balance on the first of the month. Unfortunately I carried forward a large payment (about $5000) without the supporting tax provisions for the month. That was for the month of April. Individual sales tax entries for May are correct except I need to remove the payment as it is affecting the amount to be paid for May. How can I remove this entry from the sales tax register without changing the checking account balance?

You need to delete the check you wrote through the sales tax module and issue a regular check using the sales tax payable account. If you set up the file correctly, you should have a beginning balance in that account for the amount of the check you wrote.

In the future, however, you always want to pay sales tax through the sales tax module. This is a one-time thing.

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