How to Assign a Cashier and Sales Associate to a Receipt in QuickBooks Point of Sale

Hi Ruth, on our QuickBooks POS can you set up a code for each cashier? For example they have to enter a code or something before every transaction they ring up, my point being to be able to track what each person sells, money collected, discounts given etc.? Thanks.

Yes, whoever’s logged in is automatically assigned as the cashier. This is from Help (search “cashier” in the Index tab):

Sales documents (receipts, customer orders) have both a Cashier field and an Associate field.

  • The Cashier field records the employee creating the document (the logged-in user if requiring employees to sign in). If you are not requiring logins, but have defined your employees, a name can be selected from the drop-down list at the top of the document.
  • The Associate field records the employee to whom a sales commission is to be paid. The Associate defaults to be the same as the cashier but can be changed for the entire sale or for individual items. This allows you to designate employee commissions on a line-item basis. Exception: If the receipt is selling items from a customer order, the Associate is carried from the customer order.

If you change the document Associate after listing items on the document you are asked if you want to assign this Associate to all listed items.


Example 1: You have one associate working the floor, servicing customers. You pay the associate a commission for the sales she generates. You also have a separate cashier that works the counter, ringing up the sales once the sales associate hands off the customer. The cashier does not earn sales commissions. The cashier should log in to create the receipt, and his name will be auto-filled as the Cashier. The cashier selects the sales associate’s name in the Associate field at the top of the receipt form. This ensures that the sales associate will be credited for the sale of all commission-eligible items on the sale.

Example 2: You have multiple sales associates working the floor in different departments. Each is paid a commission for the sales they generate within their respective areas. You also have a cashier that does not receive commissions, as described above. When the customer comes to the counter to complete the sale, the cashier identifies the sales associate item-by-item for all of the sold merchandise, by clicking Edit and selecting the Associate from the drop-down list in the Assign this item’s commission to field in the item dialog). In this way, each of the associates involved will get credit for the sales in their responsibility area.

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7 Responses to How to Assign a Cashier and Sales Associate to a Receipt in QuickBooks Point of Sale

  • How can you change the cashier after you have made the sale?

    • Hi Lajja,

      Select the sales receipt from Sales History, then the I Want To… button, then Change Cashier.

      You can only change the cashier until you exchange the sales receipt with QuickBooks.

  • How can you change the associate after a sale has been completed? Such as the wrong associate has been selected during a sale.

    • Hi Cliff,

      Unfortunately, you can only change the Cashier after you’ve saved the sales receipt and only before you’ve exchanged the sales receipt with QuickBooks. If you need to change the Associate, you’ll have to refund the sales receipt and re-enter it with the correct Assoociate.

      The best way to do this is copy the original sales receipt and then select the Return Item button to turn it into a Return Receipt and Save it. Then copy the original sales receipt again, change the Associate to the correct associate, then Save it.

  • Hi. We do not require our cashiers to log in so how can we require the Cashier to select her name before the Sale transaction? We see that feature when doing a return.

    • Hi Juan,

      There’s no way to require your cashiers to select their names on sales transactions unless you require them to login. They could also select a different cashier’s name.

      That’s not all. If you don’t require employees to log in, there will be no restrictions on employee access to program features or data. All employees will have access to all areas. In addition, not requiring password access may make your company data more vulnerable to unauthorized access from outside sources, such as across a shared network or via the Internet.