How to Use QuickBooks on a Computer and a Laptop

Hello. My son is running QuickBooks 2004. He is wanting to upgrade so he can use the email features.

Our question is, he has a laptop & desktop. Is there an advantage for him to have 2 user? He is the only one using it & when he uses the laptop it is not connected to the desktop. If it is 2 user, can he work on the laptop in the field & it transfers when connected or will he have to do backup & restore?

If he’s the only user, he doesn’t need a 2-user and there’s no advantage to having one because all it gives you is the ability to use QuickBooks on two computers at the same time.

There’s no way to merge two QuickBooks files, at least not without an add-on, so he’ll need to back up the file from the desktop and restore it on the laptop when he’s leaving for the field, and then backup the file on the laptop and restore it on the desktop when he returns. No one can update QuickBooks on the desktop when the live file is on the laptop and vice versa, but since he’s the only user that shouldn’t be a problem. He just needs to remember which computer has the live file.

It’s easy to forget so, personally, I’d just leave it on the laptop and use that for all the QuickBooks transactions, even when I’m not in the field.

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